About Foundation First

Foundation First was formed in March of 2011, with the goal of providing education in the most remote regions of the world. We have partnered with Anthony Ayebare, of Global Batwa Outreach. While we work stateside, he is our on-site manager, reviewing budgets, hiring workers, and overseeing operations of the school. Anthony has worked in the region of Kacerere for many years and understands the struggles of the Batwa, as well as the community.

Stateside Foundation First operates with a board of volunteers. Individuals committed to making a positive impact in the world. Our directors all work regular jobs and volunteer for the foundation. Being a small organization, we have extremely low overhead and are able to send 90% of donations received to those in need.

Our founders are Angie and Victor Hungerford. Having had the privilege to travel outside their country, motivated them to get involved. "We knew that we wanted to help, but weren't sure how. You can give people money, but when funds run out, the problems return. An education is something you can take with you anywhere, even if you leave the community. And it isn't just that child that benefits, its the whole community, and the pay it forward mentality continues."

We chose Uganda for our initial project because of its social and economic struggles these past decades. More specifically to the region we will be working in, the Batwa community are a local indigenous culture that have been pushed aside by their own government. Having been forced to vacate their homes among the forest, the Batwa have attempted to adjust within the communities. In most circumstances, Batwa can "rent" rooms in exchange for manual labor. Having no permanent home, it is difficult to provide for their families. Children have no access to education and therefore have little hope to overcome this adversity. Children without an education in underdeveloped countries have few life outcomes. They either get involved in human trafficking, become soldiers, or follow in their parents footsteps. Basic reading, writing, and math go a long way in other, undeveloped areas of the world. Government schools are set up around the country, however, lack of proper funding for school supplies, uniforms, etc., and oftentimes children do not exceed to the next grade level. We hope to create a ripple effect. The ultimate goal of our organization, is to have each school self sufficient within four years. We are firm believers that eventually a community must support itself. Therefore, we involved the community in every aspect of this project. Teaching children the basics, and teaching parents life skills to generate income. Statistics for Uganda can be seen at: www.childinfo.org/files/ESAR_Uganda.pdf For more information on the pygmies, please click the following link www.globalbatwaoutreach.org.

LOCAL PARTNERS: Foundation First also works with various organizations here in Oregon too. We believe you can accomplish anything with hard work and dedication. By working together, you create new ideas, find better solutions, and build stronger communities. We have partnered with such organizations as: Patricks Children Without Sponsor, Transitions, Clackamas Service Center, and School House Supplies.

The clean water purifier was donated by Clean Water for the World and the food seed is provided by Seed and Light International. The hydraulic fuel briquette press was provided by Bob Peterson.

Board of Directors